Teaching Asanas at Summer Camp (250 Words)

Since I'm going to be a bit more stationary these days, I decided to start putting my RYT 200 certification to good use. A friend referred me to Climb Upstate, a rock climbing gym, who needed a yoga teacher during their five day summer camp last week. 

Photo credit:  Climb Upstate

Photo credit: Climb Upstate

I was a bit nervous since both the age range and style of yoga they required were not my specific expertise but it turned out to be pretty fun. (Spoiler Alert: Kids yoga is way different than adult yoga!)

There were around 15 kids, most of whom were under the age of 11. I considered a practice successful if 3/4 of them were actively following instructions during the 30-minute sessions each morning. Others just kind of rolled around on the floor or flat out refused to participate at times.

I was surprised that a few kids knew some of the poses already because apparently there is a school somewhere around here that incorporates yoga into it's curriculum. (I'm gonna find out where and enroll my future kids now, just in case!) 

Cobra pose, kind of. Photo credit:   Climb Upstate

Cobra pose, kind of. Photo credit: Climb Upstate

The staff was friendly and helped me keep the kids focused, which was super helpful. I even got to climb a few routes before I left on the last day!

I feel like rock climbing and yoga are somewhat related because they both require strength, concentration and practice to move from one level to the next. 

Child's pose; appropriate. ;)  Photo credit:   Climb Upstate

Child's pose; appropriate. ;) Photo credit: Climb Upstate

I think lots of non-traditional spaces like schools and retirement homes and even corporate offices can benefit from incorporating a little bit of yoga. What do y'all think?