Rocky Mountain Wedding Retreat (300 Words)

Colorado is my favorite of our 50 United States, so I was beyond thrilled when my friend Bianca (and her fiancé Chris of course) decided to have her wedding there. 

The venue was amazing; a retreat called Wild Basin Lodge that was hidden so deep in the Rocky Mountains that there was no cell reception. I shared a room with Michelle and Mary and we slept with the door open all night, enjoying the cool night breeze and the sounds of the water rushing in the river below. The balcony was perfect for my morning yoga sessions set to the soundtrack of nature. 

Instead of buying a stereotypical wedding knickknack, I prefer to offer my time and talents as a gift instead. I was happy that B felt the same way and did my best to beautify some handmade wedding signage. 

It was a lovely, little ceremony surrounded by only a few dozen close friends and family and tall, alpine trees. What followed was your typical dinner, dancing, mingling and desserts; but the fun, casual kind that included a s'mores bar, giant Jenga, Cornhole (aka Sack Toss) and polaroid pictures with props. 

The next day, Mary and I went hiking in the Wild Basin Natural park because that's what you do in the Colorado mountains in the summertime. The temperature was tolerable amongst the shaded trees but didn't block all of the scorching sun. Eventually we took a break to dip our toes in the water. Mary is far more acclimated than me so I had to take turns dipping my feet in then thawing out my toe-cicles. 

I had such a wonderful week(ish) out west and wish nothing but the best for the newlyweds! 

Wedding Season Officially Over

As of this weekend, I've attended three weddings in two months so I declare the season officially over, for me anyways. Yesterday was the long-awaited union of my friends Carol & Ty. (Although I have a personal theory that this wedding was actually just a front for a Sapient reunion because the majority of my team from my agency days was present and accounted for.)

We were all smiles and it was great find out what everyone has been up to since my bittersweet departure over three years ago. Even better, it was awesome to see Ty and Carol finally take the plunge after a decade and a half of dating. It was probably the most creative wedding I've been to, but of course I would expect nothing less from my favorite quirky couple. 

The venue was beautiful; a historic old house in Winter Park with immaculate gardens leading down to a lake. The ceremony was held outside amidst this natural beauty and was only briefly interrupted by a rather inconsiderate woodpecker and one or two rubbernecking jet skiers. And if I had to guess I'd put the temperature at (approximately) a million degrees Fahrenheit (500,000º Celsius). 

The copywriting and Eames-inspired design was impeccable and I love the humor injection, as often times weddings can take themselves too seriously. Everyone loved the kid walking down the aisle with a sign that said "Its About Time." Ty's Transformers cuff links were spot on. And the effort was wasted on me personally but I could appreciate their reception offering the best craft beer selection in the tri-county area. (I chose instead to be a schizoholic drinking, pinot grigio water, a tequila sunrise, water again and a Shirley Temple.) 

Then there was the music. I was beyond thrilled to hear not one, but two Led Zeppelin songs as part of the ceremony. And the band at the reception was fantastic, fusing together an eclectic medley of mostly classic rock with a few more modern hits mixed in. This included the Doors, Steve Miller Band, a few Michael Jackson hits, Uptown Funk and the full Eruption/Girl You Really Got Me Now by Van Halen to name just a few. 

Also at the reception were old pictures of the happy couple from the early days at UF, which confirms that neither of them have aged properly since then. I suspect part of the curriculum of design program in which they both participated included creating enchanted self-portraits that age for them and ensure their perpetual youth. 

I have one more interesting anecdote from the ride to the wedding which is also worth mentioning. My uber driver asked what kind of music I listen to. I said "classic rock, like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, etc." So of course he plays Celine Dion for the duration of the trip from my hotel to the venue. SMH. -_-

Best wishes to the newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Stalnaker! 

Gorgeous wedding invitation & RSVP designed by the artist formerly known as Miss Montoto. 

Gorgeous wedding invitation & RSVP designed by the artist formerly known as Miss Montoto. 

Short and sweet and hot ceremony

Short and sweet and hot ceremony

Friends, fun & festivities

Friends, fun & festivities

My Best Friend's Wedding...

...Was actually nothing like the 90's rom com starring Julia Roberts. 

Beth and I have been friends for over a decade (ugh that makes me feel old) and it was an absolute honor to be a bridesmaid at her wedding and to create a custom welcome sign for the ceremony.

It was the simplest, sweetest, stress-free soiree I've ever been a part of. Of course Beth was an absolutely beautiful bride, and us bridesmaids were pretty awesome too, but lets be honest, the flower girl really stole the spotlight. I was just a tad disappointed that neither of their big, orange cats were trained to walk down the aisle with the rings tied to their tails. And I will never wear that blue dress again because strapless dresses and tops are one of my most notorious pet peeves, next to cigarettes and people talking in movie theaters. THE SACRIFICES I MAKE FOR MY FRIENDS! LoL

Seriously though, I couldn't be happier for Mr. & Mrs Clark!