I'm A Bad Blogger

Hey y'all!

I'm a bad blogger, by conventional standards anyways. I've been neglecting this one for months and when I do post, it's sporadic and the topics are all over the place. I don't post on a regular schedule and I can't stay on a single topic or niche. And I refuse to use Oxford commas. (SUCH superfluous punctuation.) 

Been there, blogged that. This is maybe my 5th or 6th blog since those first fledgeling livejournal days in college. I've tried being like those popular, successful blogs that are consistently scheduled and perfectly curated. But it's not for me. I often get distracted by shiny things, doubt myself, excessively edit and often put too much on my to-do list. So I'm going to try being more Miranda. What does that mean? I don't even know but I'm excited to figure it out. 

I've had a lot of life changes the past few months and although none of it has been reflected here, I have been writing almost daily in my private offline journal. Yep a real old-fashioned book with blank pages now filled with words written by my hand. (My right hand to be exact but I wish it was my left hand. I am oddly and unexplainably envious of left-handed people.) 


Let's see, I enjoyed an amazing family trip to Montana in June, started working as a creative consultant at the Earth Fare corporate office, moved to West Asheville, went to Switzerland to meet my new nephew and started a side business called Namaste in Nature for which I lead meditation, hiking and yoga for people around these beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. 

Yep, life is pretty good except for a couple recent wrecks.

File Dec 02, 10 43 10 PM.jpeg

The first wreck is literal and my beloved Mirazda literally saved my life and sustained all the damage. I was commuting home from work a bit jet lagged with a slowed reaction time and collided at an intersection with an SUV. This was the first real car wreck I've ever been in so I was distraught. Everyone that's seen pictures says something along the lines of "It's a miracle that neither of you were injured" and I'm incredibly grateful for that. However, I had to say goodbye to my perpetually excited-looking Mirazda with the Cheshire cat grill (total loss) and had less than a week to find a replacement. Say hello to Rocky Red, who somewhat resembles a disgruntled hamster. 

File Dec 02, 10 40 02 PM.jpeg

The second wreck is emotional and I did actually get hurt. I started dating a guy here that I really liked and we were having a great time but he was all like "Monogamy's not my jam right now so let's be friends while I bang random girls from tinder and bumble." ...a few weeks later... "JK, actually I do want a monogamous relationship now, just not with you. Oops." (This is clearly the abridged version.) 

Lessons learned: Don't waste precious time, energy, emotion and sacred creativity on anyone who doesn't truly want and appreciate them. And don't drive jet-lagged. 


But back to the bloggings. I have so many thoughts, ideas and ramblings to share on a variety of things that interest me like minimalism, creativity, sustainability, entrepreneurship, yoga, eating plant strong (somewhere between vegetarian and vegan), nature & outside things, travel, books, happiness, mindfulness and life's variety of adventures.

I guess the common thread is that it's all part of my journey and I'm trying my best to enjoy every bit of it. 


So stay tuned if I've piqued your interest. Or move on to one of the other (approximately) bazillion and one blogs out there. (How many zeros are in a bazillion?) I've decided to keep writing whether anyone reads it or not. And also, this website ain't free so I should invest some time in it to justify the money invested. 

Enjoy the Journey!