New Political Poll Finds Trump Supporters Believe Anything

(An Onion-style article)

A recent political poll has found that Trump Supporters will believe almost anything.

The overwhelming majority believe he will facilitate the construction of a multi-billion dollar wall across the southern 1,989 mile border of our country and that Mexico will pay for it. They believe he will swiftly deport nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants that are responsible for all of our country’s problems and that he will recover millions of dollars back from those charming, internet-savvy, Nigerian princes.

When asked why he will believe anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth, Gary Gillman responded “I like that he doesn’t waste time thinking about what he’s saying. He just says it, politically correct or not. If he’s repeating the same thing this loud and this many times, it’s gotta be true.”

At his next rally, Trump is widely rumored to reveal how to cut down 3 pounds of belly fat each week by simply using his one, weird old trick and how a mom in that area makes $8,000 a week working from home.