The Art of Cardistry

All it takes is one deck of cards, two hands and about 90 seconds to blow your mind:

I love everything about this video. The music, the pace, the typography and of course the performance. So many questions! How? Why? Who? 

I'd like to think he's the secret lovechild of Criss Angel and an anonymous Black Jack dealing beauty who grew up as an orphan in the casinos and streets of Las Vegas. He hustled and stole to survive until he discovered he had a natural talent for card tricks while trying to impress a love interest as a teenager. He then got a legit job as a dealer and worked his way up to own one of the most successful casinos on the Strip and now only performs anonymously on youtube. 

Actually this dude is practicing the art of card flourishing, or cardistry (so jealous I didn't invent this word), which is apparently a thing. 

Is it weird to find this alluring? No, I don't have a finger fetish but I am deliciously intrigued by obscure talents. I would love to learn this stuff myself and finally put my "manhands" to good use.