The End of the Rainbow

Checked out some Art Basel action in Miami last night and I'm probably going back this weekend for more. More art! Which made me watch the trailer for Big Eyes about Margaret Keane's cute and creepy paintings then read an article that compared her to Lisa Frank which made me instantly switch gears and google my childhood art icon. Big Mistake. 

I was absolutely a Lisa Frank fangirl when I was little and this article by Jezebel just ripped down the sparkly, rainbow curtain to reveal the hostile and neurotic reality, subsequently shattering a part of my childhood. Stupid Internet. 

Oh and Urban Outfitters funded this documentary below and tried to revive the brand by launching some limited edition threads a couple years ago. It's always the hipsters. Curse you, hipsters! 

It's a Lisa Frankenstein. Quick - kill it with fire! (This magical brand was not intended for t-shirts to be worn by hipsters without a true appreciation for its awesomeness. It's for stickers and glossy folders and pencil cases and trapper keepers and that's it!)